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Event Highlight   過去活動精華

Thank you very much for your support on Hong Kong Carnival !


San Diego 聖地牙哥    9/10/2022

San Francisco 三藩市    7/2/2022

​ We had more than 6,500 participants attending the Hong Kong Carnival on 7/2 in San Jose👏🏻, during the peak period, the crowds lined up to the outer street, but everyone was still here with us, thank you very much🙏🏻, we will learn from the experiences and we understand that it is really hard to get the tickets and fulfil all the demands. We will improve and make sure more attendees could join us next time. In the meantime, we had prepared a video highlight to everyone, especially for those who couldn't join us that day, let's enjoy the Hong Kong Carnival together🥳!

Stay tuned for the next event!!!🎊

San Jose 舉行嘅香港節於 7/2 當日有超過 6,500人到場👏🏻, 高峰時期人龍打咗幾轉蛇餅去到外面街,但係大家都不離不棄,感謝感謝🙏🏻,我哋亦會吸取經驗,明白一飛難求,下次活動會更完善。依家特別預備左活動嘅花絮等拎唔到飛嘅朋友都可以一齊去感受下「香港節」嘅氣氛🥳 



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