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Event Highlight   過去活動精華

Thank you very much for your support on Hong Kong Carnival !


2023年 9月2日 單日有超過12,000人+到場🙌🏻👏,感謝感謝🙏🏻

期待 下一次「香港節」見到你!!!🎊

San Francisco 三藩市    9/2/2023

喺2022年,我哋有超過10,000名參與者參加咗 三藩市 同 聖地亞哥 嘅「香港節」。與此同時,我哋準備咗精彩嘅活動花絮,特別係比未能親臨現場嘅朋友們,都可以一齊去感受一下「香港節」嘅氣氛🥳 

​ We had more than 10,000 participants attending the Hong Kong Carnival in 2022 for our events in San Francisco and San Diego. In the meantime, we prepared a video highlight for everyone, especially for those who couldn't join us in person.

Let's enjoy the Hong Kong Carnival together! 🥳

San Francisco 三藩市    7/2/2022

San Diego 聖地牙哥    9/10/2022


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