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Apply for volunteers 招募義工   

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a Volunteer on Hong Kong Carnival !

We are looking for numerous volunteers who share a passion for promoting our beloved Hong Kong Culture. Your participation as a volunteer would be invaluable!

We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available, including entrance reception, calligraphy writing helpers, chinese chess helpers, games session helpers, art workshop assistants, informational crew, seminar crew, event crew, photographers, videographers, patrol team members, setting up helpers, taking down helpers, ushers, traffic control helpers, exhibition helpers, first aid helpers, sign language helpers, and more. There is surely an area where you can lend your support. Moreover, you don't need to commit to being a volunteer for the entire day; even if you could volunteer for around 3-4 hours, it would be greatly appreciated.

To join us as a volunteer, kindly take a few minutes to complete the Volunteer Sign-Up Form below. We will promptly contact you via email. Thank you!

>>>Volunteer Sign Up Form<<<


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