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Activities 活動簡介(San Jose)

🧇港式小食及飲料 Hong Kong local snacks & drinks 

🎪攤位市集 Market fair

🗣嘉賓座談會 Guests seminar

🍀幸運抽獎 Lucky draw

🎲超巨型棋類遊戲任玩 Giant classic games

🖼️畫展/懷舊香港展品 Art/Collections exhibition

🏞️擴增實景文化展覽 AR experience cultural display

🎸現場音樂表演 Live music performance

🎨藝術文化工作坊 Art & cultural workshop

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦親子活動專區 Parent-Child activities

📚讀書會 Guided reading

🎶香港最新流行音樂分享 Latest Cantopop music sharing

🤲🏻灣區港人互助組織 Hong Kong organizations in Bay Area

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Thanks to Greenpeace East Asia for allowing the public screening of "Lantau of Mountains and Seas" Hong Kong's Lantau Ecology Documentary at the Hong Kong Carnival.

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