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FAQ 常見問題

1.   How could I reserve an e-ticket?
An e-ticket is required to attend the Hong Kong Carnival, details of how to get an e-ticket will be announced on June 20, 2022. Please follow our Instagram @HongKongCarnival or Facebook Page “HongKongCarnival香港節” to receive the latest update.

2.   How much is the ticket?

Hong Kong Carnival aims to promote Hong Kong Culture widely, therefore, it is FREE to attend the event. An e-ticket is required to attend Hong Kong Carnival, ticket details will be announced in our Facebook page, Instagram and website on June 20, 2022. The tickets can be registered on June 22, 2022 (Sold out) and June 29, 2022 (Sold out) via Eventbrite. 

3.   How many parking spaces are there?

There are more than 800 parking spaces available in the venue, and it is FREE to park. However, we anticipate that there will be many participants to attend Hong Kong Carnival, we do encourage families and friends to carpool to the venue.


4.   Can I bring my kids to join Hong Kong Carnival?

We welcome families to bring their kids to Hong Kong Carnival. Firstly, it would be a great opportunity for the next generation to understand more about our beloved Hong Kong Culture. Secondly, there will be parent-child activities available for the kids to enjoy, for example, giant chess to play with, and playground with slides, etc.

5.   Can I bring my pets to join Hong Kong Carnival?

Who don't love pets?  However, due to limitation of the venue, please leave your pet at home that day. 

6.   How long can I stay in Hong Kong Carnival?

We welcome you to join Hong Kong Carnival during your reserved section as there are plenty spaces in the venue and a lot of indoor and outdoor activities will be available during the event. 

7.   Can I return the tickets after I have registered for Hong Kong Carnival?

If you have already reserved the tickets but you subsequently find out that you cannot join Hong Kong Carnival, we encourage you to cancel the tickets and release them to those who are on the waitlist. Please be considerate, thank you! (Email)


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